Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm a Positive Thinker

What are your favorite mantras? What helps you get through that tough interval or climb the hill ahead of you? Most runners have mantras that they tell themselves while they're running and I'd like to hear yours in the comments. A fellow runner just told me that his is "screw it, run through it!"

I find that the mantras I like to use are mostly positive things. Things like "I am a freakin' machine" and "I don't feel no hill!" My wife is a negative thinker. She tells herself things like "get your lazy butt moving" and "hurry up slow poke" and "sure, I guess I'll settle and just marry this guy." Negative thoughts.

My conclusion from this is that men, with our over-inflated egos tend to use positive mantras, "I'm an animal" while women, who are conditioned by society to think they're not skinny enough or not pretty enough tend to use negative mantras. Granted, my scientific research on this matter consists of surveying only 2 people (me and my wife) but so far it's 100% accurate. I'm going to attempt to post a poll below so that you can vote and we can have a bigger sample size. I figure if all my readers vote we could get upwards of 10 votes! Normally I'm not a big advocate of women voting but in the interest of science I'll let it slide today, so you gals don't worry your pretty little heads about it and vote.

After you vote let me know in the comments if you think that I'm right. If you think that I'm wrong, keep it to yourself. No one likes a negative Nancy.

That's all I got for today, I'm off to go get my run on. Oh, and I'm just kidding ladies.


  1. offending your readers- always a good idea. Ha!
    your pretty little head is sleeping on the sofa.

    my top mantras...
    - run fattie (I'm not but it works)
    - do you have any more excuses?
    - just run
    - "there's something I don't like about that guy... he's less than 9% body fat and shagging your ex-girlfriend" (courtesy The Wedding Date)

  2. I can't really vote because mine are neutral. I use either 1) faster you run = faster you get to go home
    2) It only hurts for a couple minutes and it will be over (I suppose you could use this one for something else too :P)

  3. You made me think about what I do say. They are all positive like 'you can do this' and 'I'm friggin' awesome' ... to get me going.

    but ... it does turn negative if the run is bad. Then I say things like 'finish it and you never have to do this again ... ever'

  4. Right now I have a training partner, so I just think to myself "I bet that bastard ran hard tonight"...and off I go.

  5. It's only a hill, anyone can do it.

    Too far, too high, too long ... are you looking for an excuse

    Someone will ask about your run later.

    Dig in, dig in

    It's only you and the road

  6. Hmmmm, Negative Nancy? I'm trying not to be.... :)
    I use things like - you've done this before, you know you can make it (which seems fairly positive).
    When I'm about to die, I sometimes make myself think, what really hurts? Nothing really hurts that bad, you can do this. (that one could probably go either way!)

    I agree with you though about the conditioning. I went to the pool yesterday with the kids. What a mental ordeal about how much I am running versus shouldn't I look as good as the other moms....geez.

    Trying to be positive if it kills me,

  7. This is easy, this is fun, stop complaining, this is fun and easy.

  8. funny post, i love the sarcasm. i don't know what my mantras are but it's generally along the lines of "seriously, you know you can do this, quit complaining and just do it" it mostly works.

  9. I guess mine falls into the neutral category. I say "put one foot in front of the other in a timely's that simple."

    Gosh, that's dumb, huh?

    You didn't make a category for neutral mantras, so I'm going to vote and screw up your results now.

  10. wow, running sounds painful. I'm glad I don't run. I do, however, use mantras whilst watching tv. "Come on, you can do it, just one more episode of The Office" It seems to work well.

  11. haha. So it looks like your poll right now shows ... nothing. 25% in each option. Sorry about your luck ... Nice try though :)

    (p.s. I did think you were right ... before I checked out the poll results)

  12. All I do is threaten and bribe myself- with hill repeats for walking and chocolate for finishing. Other than that I just chant "left, left, left, right, left in an American drill sergeant accent.


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